Robust, Weather Proof, Precast Concrete Retaining Wall System

Easy to install, affordable, and termite resistant.

Smooth Grey Sleeper

A smooth, light grey appearance for a casual style


Smooth Charcoal Sleeper

A dark, smooth style for a sophisticated look


Timber Look Sleeper

A woody, textured finish for an earthy design


Block Finish

A masonry-type finish to give a rustic appearance


Slate Finish

A tiled, layered appearance for a rugged finish


Sandstone Finish

A light sandy appearance for a lighter style


Home Renovator Retaining Walls

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    Look great in various colours and styles

    We offer our concrete sleepers in the basic grey concrete or in different styles and colours to match your personal landscaping requirements. Whether you are looking for a traditional timber or a more modern sandstone block look, our sleepers are available giving your home a fresh and modern style with easy to construct retaining walls.

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    Last forever

    No longer do you need to contend with treating your timber sleepers with poisons to prevent attack from termites, grubs and insects, Rotting timber sleepers are a thing of the past with concrete sleepers constructed to last a lifetime.

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    Easy construction - no engineering required

    It’s almost as easy as building lego blocks, once you have worked out how many sleepers and steel posts you need, you simply put your posts in place and after the concrete has cured slide the concrete sleepers into place. Please refer to installation guide for additional steps required.

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    Structurally sound

    Taylex® precast manufactured product range of sleepers and steel are RPEQ certified. Subject to local council building regulations, and (where applicable) your RPEQ certified design, fence lines may be installed on top of your retaining wall subject to Council approval.

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    Cost effective

    In constructing your retaining wall the total cost of construction and maintenance for the life of the wall are important considerations and with little or no maintenance your lifetime costs are significantly reduced. The design of our sleepers makes construction costs lower than many alternative retaining wall systems.

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    Easy to keep clean and maintain

    All you might ever need is to jet wash your walls to remove built up dirt, grime or moss. Concrete sleepers will not breakdown and have a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years with virtually no maintenance from the day your retaining wall is completed.

About Us

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    QLD born and QLD based

    Taylex® Precast was created in Brisbane and remains independently owned and operated, employing local Brisbane people to power the business. We use QLD-based partners to provide logistics and businesses services, and utilise local vertical relationships for distribution.

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    Original designs and styles  

    Our variety of precast concrete sleepers is based on our own independent research and development. We aren't recreating someone else's designs or styles, but are committed to manufacturing our own unique creations for an exclusive look for our customers.

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    Commitment and confidence

    Taylex® Precast is committed to providing industry-leading, high-quality products, and is prepared to support this claim with a 30-year warranty. Many manufacturers will offer a 10 or 20-year warranty which is impressive, but our 30-year warranty gives our customers peace of mind for at least three decades!  

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    Business with like-minded partners

    Taylex® Precast works alongside various business partners in order to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for our customers. To achieve this, we align with other businesses that share similar values to our own - reliability, trust, value, and consistency.

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    Products that last

    All of our concrete sleepers are made to 40MPa. "MPa" is the metric unit for pressure and is the abbreviation of "megapascal". Regardless, what this means is that our concrete sleepers not only look the part, they are also hard wearing and as tough as they come.

Highest Level Of Quality, Highest Level Of Reliability

Unique, market-leading manufacturers of concrete retaining wall systems using precast concrete sleepers in a variety of colours and styles.

  • Various styles and colours

    From wood, to slate, to limestone finish, Taylex® Precast sleepers are designed to long-lasting and stylish to suit any project and any climate.

  • RPEQ Certified

    Our products and engineers are RPEQ certified which means that they have been assessed and approved by the Board of Professionals Engineers Queensland (BPEQ).

  • Built to suit almost any height

    Our concrete sleeper range has been designed to cater to most commercial and residential height requirements whilst looking stylish and sophisticated.

Great Experiences For Building

Concrete Sleepers & Retaining Walls


Our Latest Projects

Below is a snapshot of some recent projects we have been working on. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

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  • Landscape
  • Mar 18,2017

Residential Retaining Wall

Block finish retaining wall installed in residential premises on Brisbane’s Southside.